Media Raves

"A sentimental, uplifting charmer! Has so much heartfelt energy and uplift! Like Rudy, Hoosiers, Rocky, and Moneyball!"
Stephen Schaefer, Boston Herald

"A jewel for whole family! Carla Gugino inspiring.
Barbara Watkins, St. Louis Review

"An inspiring, family-friendly, feel-good film!"
Jane Wilson, The Georgia Bulletin

"A feel-good story! Guaranteed to lift your spirits!
Bruce Adams, Main Line Media News

"Family-friendly and abounding in uplift ! perfs across the board are earnest and engaging.
Joe Leydon, Variety

"But for families with girls, this movie is a great history lesson about how things were, set against a message girls then and girls now can never hear too often—"Have the courage to follow your dreams."
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel Blog, (2.5 stars out of 4)

"Gugino and Shelton click (they have played far less family friendly characters together in the past) and Burstyn classes up the joint with her Oscar-winning presence.
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel Blog, (2.5 stars out of 4)

"The uplifting message of 'The Mighty Macs' isn't only for young women. It's for all those who value their commitment to themselves and to others – and still have the courage, as the movie's Coach Rush says, to follow their dreams."
Mary Katherine Cavazos, blog

"People see it and then relate it to themselves and what it means to them," Grentz said. "Everyone takes different things from it. I think it's a timeless film that will long live after all of us."
Amy Farnum,

"Chambers described the movie as transcending gender and sports to tell a story about "the equality of dreams"—in this case, that young women in the 1970s were entitled to pursue their passions the same way men did.
Kathy Matheson, AP

"I think it creates a bigger fan base," Brown said. "I don't know if everyone knew the steps they took to win the national championships. The movie gave a better perspective of everything they went through.
Amy Farnum,

"Here's a sports fairy tale that never gets old: Underdog team with few resources but a lot of heart beats the odds and comes out on top. That is what actually happened to the 1971-72 women's basketball squad at tiny Immaculata College. It's also what happened to 'The Mighty Macs,' a small-budget movie about the team's improbable national championship that overcame its own obstacles to make it to Hollywood."
Kathy Matheson, AP

"Here's a recipe that Hollywood loves for a feel-good movie: Underdog sports team, nuns in habits, impossible dreams that come true. Those ingredients make up "The Mighty Macs," opening next weekend on about 1,000 screens, including nearly a dozen in the Tampa Bay area. Only Hollywood missed the boat on this one. It's the work of independent filmmaker Tim Chambers, who recognized a wondrous real-life story and pursued it with a $7 million budget.
Michelle Bearden, The Tampa Tribune

"Although Rush's stomach flipped a little the first time she saw actress Carla Gugino portraying her in a clip of the movie, she and the original Mighty Macs are looking forward to sharing the feel-good story. 'It's surreal, it's exciting, it's disconcerting ... ,' Rush said. 'The more I see it, the more I like it. I've been in a lot of screenings where they've shown it to coaches and different groups. Their reactions have been fabulous. There are a couple great lines, and the audience is laughing so hard that they miss the next great line. It's been so positive. I'm so excited for [executive producer] Tim Chambers who put it together and Immaculata to be recognized and for all the things they've done.'
Amy Farnum,

"Fun and enjoyable film"
Jim Judy /

"Very Inspirational"
Mark Pattinson/Catholic News Service

"Great, uplifting story. Very heartwarming"
Hannah Buchdal /

"Great film to take the family to"
Jared Peterson/ Chesapeake Family Magazine

"Feel good film with sweetness and heart. Throw back to A League of Their Own and The Trouble with Angels."
Gwen Reyes / KSCS-FM (Country) &

"Great movie! For all the movies that should have had a happy ending & didn't—This movie makes up for them all!"
Terri Barrett / KCBI-FM (Christian talk)

"New female empowerment, good performances."
Reesa Cruz-Hawkins /

"Had a "Touched by an Angel" feel to it. Enjoyed it."
Raymond Garcia /